Friday, January 6, 2012


I am breaking from the normal format of the blog to share a fun development. This morning found me doing what I often do. Reading about our Mets online. The New York Times is a terrific source of information so they always get a look. Rich Sandomir wrote an article today titled, "Mr. Met Keeps His Head Up" and amazingly it mentioned this blog! (We are on the second page online and page B13 of the printed paper) What a tremendous surprise since I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sandomir. He exhibited his wisdom in covering the Mr. Met story and not forgetting the legendary Daniel Reilly. Just glad that we were able to help in keeping his tale alive.

I can not thank my good friend, Jessie Burke (member of the Mets Underground) enough for his efforts in helping me locate Mr. Reilly. Without that this would never of happened.

Thanks to all the Mets fans who read this blog, and the many that have assisted in making this collection possible. What a neat way to begin the year of the Mets 50th Anniversary!