Saturday, July 24, 2010


Miguel Cairo joined the New York Mets when he signed a free agent contract on January 10, 2005. When the veteran arrived in Port St. Lucie for spring training camp he brought his Yankees equipment bag. A Mets official joked, "You are going to have to burn that thing." and Cairo laughed and said, "No way." Miguel placed the enemies bag on top of his locker, but it soon found it's way into the bench chest inside. The versatile veteran was a favorite of manager, Willie Randolph and he played him at several different defensive positions. Many people felt Cairo might have been a better choice for the starting second baseman than the struggling Kaz Matsui. Randolph liked his value off the bench. Still, Miguel made his way into 100 games and posted a .251 batting average.

After only one season with the Mets, Cairo returned to the New York Yankees when he signed a free agent contract on January 5, 2006.

Miguel Cairo signed his card in the set for me following the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs and Indianapolis Indians game at Victory Field on June 4, 2009.

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