Tuesday, October 6, 2009


John Mitchell was traded by the Boston Red Sox with Bob Ojeda to the New York Mets for several prospects, including Calvin Schiraldi and Wes Gardner on November 13, 1985. John would reach the major leagues for the first time after a late season call up from the minors. Making his MLB debut at Shea Stadium on September 8, 1986.

Wikipedia tells of a much more serious event in John's life. On October 30, 1983, Mitchell and two Red Sox minor league teammates, Anthony Latham and Scott Skripko, were deep-sea fishing off the coast of Florida when their boat capsized. Boat owner Mark Zastrowmy and Latham drowned. Skripko and Mitchell survived over 20 hours in the water by clinging to debris; Skripko held onto a cooler for 20 hours and Mitchell a bucket for 22 hours. Mitchell named his son Johnny Latham Mitchell in memory of his teammate.

I purchased this signed index card from the legendary autograph guy, Jack Smalling and converted it into John Mitchell's card in the set in January 2009. Jack's website is www.baseballaddresses.com

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